Let Cuba Live! Hands Off Cuba! (2021)

The War on Cuba

An award-winning documentary series that shows the devastating impact of U.S. sanctions and examines the political and electoral interests driving U.S. policy. Created, written, and produced by Cubans.

Race in Socialist Cuba

Zuleica Romay Guerra discusses the history of Afro-descendants in Cuba’s historic struggle for liberation, what anti-racism work looks like in Cuba, and the complexities of what comes after revolution. Zuleica is the Director of Afroamerican Studies at Casa de las Américas in Havana, Cuba.

Hands Off Cuba  

Niki (Getting to the Root of It with Venus Roots) interviews Manolo De Los Santos, a Caribbean popular educator and the two discuss the November 15th protests in Cuba, what narratives we should be mindful of in hopes of supporting the lives of Cuban people on the island, and the dangers of advocating for US intervention. 

The US Blockade & Cuban Protests

Discussion between Devyn Springer and Belly of the Beast producer Daniel Montero, who explains the main character behind these mysterious protests, some historical context, and a detailed account of the nature of the US embargo as a racist force.

Let Cuba Live! Hands Off Cuba! (2021)